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Child listening to music on headphones and enjoying

Welcome to the “Heart Aid Project”

More than 30 music composers and artists
have joined hands to give the grieving families,
a gift of music.

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Child listening to music on headphones and enjoying

About the Campaign

Music is said to be the nutrition for the soul. It holds the power to
relax the minds of people undergoing through trauma and stress.

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Welcome to the Heart Aid Project

This is a charity site aimed to help the victims’ families who are going through a hard time coping up with the dreadful tragedy in Washington, New York, and Pennsylvania through music. More than 30 music composers and artists have joined hands to give the grieving families, a gift of music.

Using Music to Heal

Music is a form of art, which uses the medium of sound. Since prehistoric era, ancient Greek and Egyptian times, Music has been an important part of arts and cultural activity. Music has been used religiously, for ceremonial purposes, for aesthetic pleasures and entertainment for decades.

In the 1930s, psychoacoustic studies emerged in which there were various scientific theories about the perception of sound. The psychological and physiological aspects of how hearing different kinds of sounds were studied.

Music is now being used as a means of improving and maintaining health. Music therapy is done to use all aspects of music, including spiritual, aesthetic, emotional, social, physical, mental – are used to help patients. It has been known to help people with handling their emotions.

Using Music to heal patients is a very unique and powerful method. Special kind of music compositions are used which are given to the patient to listen. These compositions are aimed at making the patient feel relaxed and calm. Music helps to speed up the recovery process of a patient and aids the therapists to help their patients to undergo a speedy recovery. It can be also used as a self-healing tool to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression.

Music is the new medicine for various physical and emotional issues. Music compositions are used in addition to traditional medicine to intensify the healing in any treatment and make it more effective. New therapists are solely using beats, rhythm, and melodies to assist patients to recover from psychological and even physical problems.

Music has the power to evoke emotions. One can listen to a certain type of musical composition and it may trigger an emotional change in their moods. Listening to sad music has made the patients sad and caused an increase in their stress levels while there are some beautiful compositions made which will trigger happiness in the listeners’ moods.

Using music to heal has many benefits in addition to aiding relief from pain. It helps to ease anxiety and stress during procedures during clinical trials and in the recovery process afterward as well. It aids in reducing the side effects of cancer therapy. Music therapy also helps to restore the loss of speech. It helps with rehabilitation and physical therapy too.

The world of medicine is astounding and complex. There are various kinds of medicine that do wonders and music is one of them. It has provided good treatment for different psychological illnesses including dementia, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and autism.

At the emotional and mental level, music can help with boosting confidence levels, releasing depression, treating concentration problems, and enabling the patient himself to use healing methods.

At the physical level, music helps in relaxing and preparing the patient for operations and surgery. It also helps in building physical strength, recovering from a wide range of diseases, and opening energy passes in the body.

Healing through music has very few to none boundaries. The therapist applies their deep knowledge of how any composition of sound may affect the patient. They combine their knowledge to sooth and heal the pain.

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